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MyDailyPhrase Italian: Lesson 093

Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. In today’s lesson you’ll learn how to say where you come from. Spend 5 minutes each day with us and gain confidence in speaking Italian within our 20-week course. You can automatically
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    2 replies to "Lesson 093: Week 19, Wednesday"

    • donna

      love the lessons trying to learn a crash course of italian before going to italy in july. I like the short lessons and listen in my car during my commute.

    • zdnko

      “I’m from Scotland” is “Vengo dalla Scozia” not “Sono dalla Scozia”. You can say “Sono scozzese” too.
      “Where you from?” is “Da dove vieni?” or “Di dove sei?” not “Da dove sei?”

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