MDP Italian in the top 10 US podcasts!

Picture_3Mamma mia! I’ve just discovered that My Daily Phrase Italian has just made it into the top 10 overall podcasts in the US. It’s currently at no.9 as you can see from the image, not far behind our flagship podcast Coffee Break Spanish. Mille grazie to all our listeners and we really hope you’re enjoying listening to the show, learning “step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase”!


  • Derek

    Reply Reply February 28, 2007

    What a truly great great podcast you make! Ideal length and very well explained .. yours is the only “learn italian” site that I have actually learnt anything of use. Well thought out in its approach and content. DONT cahnge anything – it is perfect as it is and I thanks you for such a great service.
    A tutti per oggi!

  • Gary Olmstead

    Reply Reply March 1, 2007

    I noticed that the examples in the extended version don’t have the first letter capitalized. Is that the way Italian is, or are these not sentences, or…?

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